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What if love can save us.

 A tragic account of the consequences of hatred and intolerance, written and directed by Rose Troche—the renowned film, television and new media writer, director, and producer behind the groundbreaking films Go Fish and The Safety of Objects, and the cultural touchstone, The L Word. 

In VR sometimes all you need is five minutes and you've got someone. 
"My First experience with VR was at the Sundance Festival at New Frontiers. Every time I would go to New Frontiers I would be blown away. And it kind of made my mind spark. The possibility of taking an audience inside this 360° space and immersing them into something in this most visceral way. You kind of get an immediate impact. Where with a feature film it can take an hour and a half, in VR sometimes all you need is five minutes and you've got someone. I see experiences all the time that really move me."

"There’s something about these terrible events taking place in moments where we allow ourselves to just sort of be a little in the dark and shoulder to shoulder with each other and believe that, despite the fact that you're surrounded by strangers, there is a community there. And then you get to something like what happened at Pulse which has all of those things, And I thought, imagine if all these people just kind of rose up from the floor and blood went back in bodies and people were dancing again, could we imagine that love can save us. So basically with this experience I hope you identify with the lover, the person who says, ‘Don't go, stay with me.”

Rose Troche, Director

"Rose Troche is an immensely talented storyteller who's been working in the medium as long as any artist—besides maybe Nonny De La Peña. And her latest work, IF NOT LOVE, realizes every bit of VR’s inherent power: An intensely emotional and provocative work with an unabashed social conscious, that puts you into the first-person perspective of a man teetering between extreme violence and radical self-acceptance. We couldn't be prouder to support Rose and her work."

-James Kaelan, Director of Development and Acquisition at Wevr

Creator of If Not Love

Rose Troche is a filmaker known for her powerful storytelling on projects such as Go FISH, THE L WORD, and SIX FEET UNDER. Her previous VR pieces have premiered at Sundance, also dealing with timely difficult social realities such as date rape and police brutality. Rose's consistent contribution and work within the film and LGBTQ communities has proven her time and again a pioneer and visionary, guiding film and new media into uncharted territory. Her thoughtful storytelling continues to inspire and provoke.



  • Cast:Zachary Booth, Mitchell Winter
  • Directed by:Rose Troche
  • Produced by:Amy Lo and Sophie Finkelstein
  • Executive pproducers:Rose Troche and Bruce Allan
  • Music by:Christopher Jarvis
  • Sound Design by:Quentin Chiappetta
  • Edited by:GJ Echternkamp
  • Casting by:Anne Davison
  • Costume Designer:Stacey Berman
  • Production Designer:Lisa Myers
  • Director of Photography:Luca Del Puppo