The Visitor

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Shadows in the Desert.

At a beautiful and austere desert compound, a young couple prepares for the woman’s greatest fear to arrive. In this haunting foray into cinematic live action VR, The Visitor, directed by James Kaelan and Blessing Yen, employs a dramatic sense of location and poetic dialogue to create an escalating atmosphere of metaphysical suspense.

“We realized it wasn’t as much an evolution of filmmaking as a totally new medium. One in which filmmakers could do some really fascinating work, but only if they went through a paradigm shift and could think about it as a totally new medium. It blew our mind and we knew two things very quickly, that we wanted to try our hands at the process and see what we could learn from getting our hands dirty, and we also wanted to figure out a way to open up the medium to other filmmakers."

"So much of what was happening in VR up until then was essentially an exhibition of the technology. Even now, the pieces are incredible but there’s very little live action narrative being made. People are afraid to bring actors into it. And as filmmakers that is what we are interested in. How do you tell new kinds of stories that are related to the kind of stories we tell in two dimensions.”

-James Kaelan, Director

The Creator of The Visitor

James Kaelan

James Kaelan is the editor-in-chief of the film culture magazine BRIGHT IDEAS, and a co-founder of the crowdfunding and distribution platform, Seed&Spark. With his collaborator, Blessing Yen, he is the writer/director of the virtual reality short, "The Visitor" (AFI FEST '16, Slamdance '16, SFiFF '16), and a producer of Janicza Bravo's much-lauded VR experience, "Hard World for Small Things" (Sundance '16, Tribeca '16).



A Wevr Immersive Production
In association with BRIGHT IDEAS and Seed&Spark
Starring: Aaron Ramzi, Sarah Himadeh, and Amelia Harris
Written and directed by: James Kaelan and Blessing Yen
Producer: Anthony Batt, James Kaelan, Eve M. Cohen, Blessing Yen
Cinematographer: Eve M. Cohen
Executive Producer: Anthony Batt and Neville Spiteri
Associate Producer: Kemi Azeez
Production Design: Martin C. Vallejo
Shot on location at: Robert Stone's Acido Dorado, Joshua Tree, CA